What is different about this choker set versus others: 
- This is our ORIGINAL set that began it all! It has a ton of minimal styles and carries our best-sellers.

WOW! each necklace is $3.20, finally! this gift set carries a large fraction of our favorite golden dainty necklaces! ranging from 14” inch chokers to long 17” pendants, this gift set will be the perfect gift for a family member or a loved one! please note that this product does not use real gold or silver!What comes in THIS:- All around star choker- moon &and star choker- heart dainty choker- beaded sattelite choker - Large single metal pearl necklace - triple small pearl choker- single bar drop necklace- single star necklace - single triangle necklace - horozontal bar necklace MATERIALS: This product is made out of a metal alloys. Please wear at your own sole risk. SIMPLEBEADS, LLC. is NOT responsible for any reactions.

10-pieces choker gift SET 1.0


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