A lot of our customers and followers requested these three necklaces put together into a set. Each necklace put together would be a retail value of $50  but we have lowered it to $35 as a set.


What does it include: 

LEATHER FAUX PEARL CHOKER (retail value - $10)

  • This necklace has a fixed length of 15"-16" inches long and is enclosed with a simple pearl clasp. The color of the leather can be chosen of either dark brown or black.

WHITE BEADED CHOKER (retail value - $20)

  • This beaded choker has a fixed length at 13" inches long but has an extendor cord that could reach to 3" inches longer.

BLACK SEASHELL NECKLACE (retail value - $20)

  • The cord is black enwrapped with seashells all around. Please note that this necklace has to be tied from the back. It has two dangling seashells hanging from both strings. The length can be varied since you choose to either tighten or loosen the choker.



3-Piece Beach SET 1.0


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