This cowrie seashell choker is PERFECT for the summers and great as a gift to friends or family members!


Information about this choker:

This choker comes in three different ways of its closements:


  • Adjustable tie: this shell necklace would be around 33.66" inches long and could be tied around his or her neck to however size he or she likes.
  • Double pearl clasp: this pearl clasp carries a rather more fixed measurement of around 16" inches, so it cannot be adjusted to become bigger or smaller.  
  • Lobster Clasp & Extendor Cord: this is the old-fashion closement where you would see in most necklaces. The necklace could be slightly adjusted up two two inches more or less, depending on the size of your neck.


We also carry the cowrie choker with golden seashells in the front of the necklace! Please email us at if you are interested in our fourth design, the golden seashell necklace!

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DISCLAIMER: The shells on the lobster clasp & extendor cord are smaller than the one shown in picture.


Cowrie Seashell Chokers


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