this beautiful star choker was requested by high demand, following the regular dainty star choker. this product will look cute with any outfit, whether casual or cocktail, and will have all eyes looking. please note that this product does not use real gold or silver. the metal is zinc alloy and is 15" - 16" inches long, so it could fit any neck! this bohemian look will make your whole outfit into a set!

FAQ Can I wear it underwater?

- It is not preferable to wear underwater, as the chain could tarnish. We are not responsible for any tarnishing and cannot be returned.


What are your shipping policies?

- Our hours of business is located in our Terms & Conditions page. We do not operate in the weekends. Processing to make the items takes 1-3 business days and an extra 5-7 business days just for shipping.


Where are you located, and where do you ship from?

- We ship from Atlanta, GA under the name Simplebeads.


What are the policies for returns?

- BROKEN JEWELRY: Please send us a picture, and we will offer a free shipping label to send to you. Ship the product back, and we will fix it.

- TARNISHING: You cannot return the product if it is tarnished, as we have noted earlier.

- WRONG PRODUCT: We will ship a new product free of charge but you must take a picture of the "incorrect" product sent, IF it is the wrong gift SET, then you must ship back the SET with a new label sent to you. IF it is an individual piece, then shipments back will not be needed.


MATERIALS: This product is made out of a metal alloys. Please wear at your own sole risk. SIMPLEBEADS, LLC. is NOT responsible for any reactions.

hex curved metal star choker


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